5 Interesting Live Streaming Ideas for your Next Event

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Undoubtedly, live streaming services are the best source of audience growth & getting them engaged. But, it is not possible to create unique content every time, and there come some handy tips to make your live streaming more engaging & interactive.

Consistency is the key to success, particularly when you are handling things online. Live streaming ideas can be mix-matched and thus new ideas can be generated in this never-ending cycle of innovations.

In this blog, we will discover the emerging live streaming websites along with scratching live streaming to its root level. We’ll cover some of the fun sessions which can be hosted while in a live event and handy tips for live streaming to match with the current trends.

What is live streaming and its working?

Streaming works on the transmission of data when a person clicks on a video over the internet. It is a good way to deliver a file into small pieces at a time often from a remote location.

When client devices click on the live streaming option, the files get transmitted over the internet and the devices do not have to download the entire video and can play it.

In simple words, it is the video sent over the internet in real-time which can be played without being stored and downloaded. With the help of some of the best live streaming services providers, this job can be done quite quickly & easily.

Some of the key elements of the live streaming have been listed below- 

  • Video Playback
  • Compression
  • Decoding
  • CDN caching
  • Segmentation

Top 5 emerging live streaming websites

Below is the list of top 5 emerging live streaming service providers which are gaining popularity in the current trends –


  • With the trust of more than 1000 brands and loaded with features like 2-way video conferring, periscope live streaming, on-demand video streaming, etc. Dreamcast is undoubtedly one of the best live streaming service providers in the market.
  • It offers a wide range of services such as hybrid events, webinars, virtual tradeshows & much more.

Zoom Meetings

  • Zoom is widely used for its video conferencing services & live class features in the field of education.
  • With its chat rooms, developer platforms, and “on-zoom” feature zoom provides endless possibilities to host a successful virtual event.


  • It is all in one hybrid & virtual event platform that ensures a delightful experience for the audiences
  • With its virtual accessibility hall, customizable features vfairs is a good option when it comes to a live stream of an event.


  • Airmeet provides best-in-class features with the real-time engagement of the audience through videos, table chats, and much more.
  • When it comes to event streaming, airmeet is one of the most trusted brands to go with & host an online event.


  • With features like multi-screen resolutions and limitless product capabilities, pathable is the game-changer for the competitors in the long run.
  • Organizers can easily host multi-event association sessions, streaming of events, etc, with the help of pathable.

 Fun facts about live streaming

Live streaming is considered more engaging and entertaining than any other event. There are some fun activities too which can be done to make it even better – 

Host  a spontaneous live session

Making a schedule of the streaming event is a common and authentic way to host a successful event but sometimes things can be done some other way too.

With the help of online video streaming providers, being spontaneous from time to time can give you a larger audience reach within a short span of time. You can easily go live with your unique content at a special time of the day.

Organize Live Q & A session

Hosting live Q&A sessions always boosts your audience engagement and they tend to participate very effectively. 

This can be done both ways either by writing the questions or asking the audience to send you via chatbox. It is a fun activity that shows your thought process & ability to engage nicely with the audience.

Top 5 live streaming content ideas 

Here is the list of some of the best content ideas which can be beneficial for you to generate high-quality engaging content- 

Increase the Quality of Live Streaming 

  • As more connectivity has been achieved throughout the world since the pandemic, more online streaming providers are offering high-quality streaming services.
  • Most people abandon low streaming videos & approach higher definition options.
  • Considering some popular examples – youtube emerged as the king with its 4K HD resolution option which offers its user enhanced experience.

Share your Brand & Product Updates

  • After the creation of an authentic brand, you need to increase its brand awareness among a large group of people.
  • Thus providing updates can feed your viewers with the possible options they can capitalize on.
  • Updating about the valuable insights of your company thus makes your audience more enthusiastic to hear from you further.

Providing Behind The Scenes Footage

  • Your audience wants something that is out of sight for them. Provide footage, videos, or even live stream to make them see how you really work, place, etc. 
  • It thus engages your audience with you on the next level and there are more chances for them to watch your next live event or video with the same attention.

Live streaming Doubt Sessions

  • The everlasting beauty of the web is defined by its diversity. Each & Every topic you think is easily accessible on the web. The only difficulty is in finding out valuable insight.
  • It will help you with reaching a wider audience & thus promotes your brand among your audience.

Finding Common Interests

  • Teaching your audience to do things in a different way from the rest will make them feel special about you. It will not only engage them more but also make them your permanent listeners.
  • With the help of different webcast service providers organizing live events and finding common interests between you & your audience will boost your business growth.


Just keeping track of the daily trends in the online streaming sector and getting a bit deeper into the trends of each platform is the proper way of utilizing streaming services.

The video streaming tool has become an essential element for engaging with a wider audience & promoting brand awareness among your audience.

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