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WooCommerce accounts for nearly a third of all online shops. Although this platform is intuitive, it is fair to say its popularity is due to the large number of plugins that allow the platform to be customized to meet the needs of store owners.

WooCommerce’s default product pages are a major problem for store owners. Store owners are always looking for ways to improve these pages.

  • Increase sales
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • You can also improve sales-boosting metrics such as average order value and conversion rates.

You can customize every aspect of the WooCommerce product pages with the right plugins.

You can personalize your WooCommerce product pages to improve your customers’ experience, give them more information, and provide more display options. These are all designed to increase sales and convert customers.

Why not customize the WooCommerce product pages?

To increase sales and converts, it is widely agreed that WooCommerce must improve its product pages.

You cannot add custom fields to specialized products, for example. It is also impossible to modify the function and layout of the product gallery. What cannot make even changes as simple as changing the text for the “Add to Cart” button without programming knowledge?

Let’s now look at some WooCommerce plugins that can improve the product pages of WooCommerce. This will allow you to make changes quickly and without any coding knowledge.

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WooCommerce Customizer

You can adjust your WooCommerce store in the text area for buttons, labels, and badges.

You will need to be able to code to modify your WooCommerce product pages.

Modify product page text easily.

WooCommerce Customizer is another option. The plugin has a settings page that allows you to add customizations and save them without having to modify any templates or code.

This is a great way to modify the text on your store’s product pages. Let’s take, for example; the text defaulted to an out-of-stock product. You can easily change the text with a few taps or clicks on your keyboard.

Are sales badges not as snappy and engaging as you would like? Can you change the button ‘Add To Cart’ to say? Add to Basket’. This plugin makes it easy to customize your site in just a few minutes.

You can also use it to perform hassle-free A/B Split testing in your conversion optimization efforts.

WooCommerce Product Add-ons

Custom forms are another item that can be difficult to add unless you have extensive programming knowledge.

For many reasons, these custom fields can be added to your WooCommerce product pages. You might want to gather more information from your users, such as:

  • Notes to the customer
  • Collect numbers.
  • Dates.
  • Themes in color.
  • Text for engravings for personalized products, etc.

Let’s suppose you have an online shop selling personalized dog tags. You’ll need to fill in several fields, such as the dog’s name, cell phone number, and whether your dog has been microchipped.

The Product Addons plugin for WooCommerce makes this easy. You can personalize the WooCommerce product ordering pages with your fields once installed. The plugin will display additional data submitted by customers to the website backend, along with order details.

WooCommerce: WooThumbs

The product gallery is a major complaint about the default WooCommerce setup. Video functionality is not available in the standard product gallery. It also allows only one image per product variant.

You can also alter the layout of your product gallery to suit your products or theme.

Woothumbs can help you improve your product gallery.

You can, however, implement all these features with the help WooThumbs.

After installation, you can customize the product gallery to suit your needs. The best feature is embedding product videos directly in the product gallery. You can modify your product gallery layout and include slider and zoom effects. Additionally, you can add unlimited images to your product variations.

You will increase sales almost instantly if you offer attractive visual options like videos and sliding thumbnails.

WooCommerce Drop Uploader

WooCommerce is an excellent e-commerce plugin. It has the essential fields for product variations but is not the default way to attach attachments to orders or products.

Drop Uploads – More Information

You can enable file uploads via the WooCommerce Drop Uploader on product pages. This is great for customizing products. It also allows you to allow file uploads on checkout pages. Order notes, personal messages, and address validation are all possible with this plugin. Customers can drag and drop files into the upload field or use a window to view their files.

It is a plugin that allows you to customize your product uploader to meet your store’s requirements.

  • Restrict file type and file size.
  • Upload the required fields to the file.
  • Dropbox Direct Upload
  • Select a list or thumbnail layout preview.
  • You can choose custom colors and borders to customize your uploader styling.

The WooCommerce Drop Uploader supports WPML and is also translation-ready. The plugin also includes excellent support for 6 months from the developer. If you have any questions, you can get an answer.

WooCommerce Attribute Symbol Swatches

The standard WooCommerce product page has another problem. The menus for product attributes on the WooCommerce product page are not very inspiring and could use some improvement.

A drop-down menu will allow customers to choose from a variety of colors. However, it is not clear what the shades of your products will be.

It is possible to select “blue” but not tell customers if they have chosen a navy or baby blue product. You can’t visually describe the color of your product even if you have more descriptive options in the drop-down menu.

Make visually appealing swatches for your customers.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to install the WordPress Attribute Switches plugin. Attribute swatches allow you to represent your product attributes using “swatches visually.”

You can use image swatches to give your customers a preview of each variant’s appearance, so they can clearly understand what they are buying. Displaying the product’s physical colors is better than describing them in text.

This visual representation of your products will make it easier for customers to feel satisfied once they have made an informed decision.

Manager for Custom Product Tabs

Tabs on Default WooCommerce product pages provide more information to customers about your products. Customers need information. Customers will buy your products if they have more information.

But there is a problem. There are only three tabs on the standard WooCommerce product page where you can put information.

  • Additional information.
  • Reviews.
  • Description (only displayed if there is additional description content).

Custom Product Tabs Manager can add as many tabs to your needs.

Although ‘Additional information’ can be flexible, it is insufficient for most online store owners. You can customize your tabs using the WooCommerce extension WooCommerce Products Tabs Manager.

Once your product is installed, you can display information about its features, warranty, policy, and use cases in professional-looking tabs.

You can create unlimited tabs and add any content. Each tab can even be assigned to customers, products, or roles. Are you unhappy with the default tabs? This extension will remove the default tabs.

This extension allows you to do anything you like with your tabs. Your customers can make informed decisions and feel more satisfied when they have all the information they need.

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