5 Ways to roam around Europe

Europe trip

Europe can be said to be a settlement or coalition of 44 countries with quite a lot of history. The DNA of Europe is said to be as old as 43,000 years and was engulfed in major historic battles. Likes of World War I, World War II, thirty years war, and the Spanish civil war all surfaced in Europe, and only on account of that, Europe has a lot to offer. Then we have mingling cultures there ready to blow away travelers, the culture up there has 160 culturally distinct groups (Gypsies, Jews, Spaniards, Bosniaks, Walloons of Southern Belgium, Balkan, and much more), there is a complex European Languages, there are urban and rural settlements, and then there are emigrants and a whole lot of other reasons.

Seeing the popularity Europe has not just over the Elites but masses as well, the regulators and allies of travel and tourism, as well as EU countries, they expanded horizons for travelers to come to Europe, and tour around. They opened a whole lot of ways and brought in both private and government players to address the situation.

As of now, the Europe trip can be done by rail, road, air, and sea transport and is open to all parts of the world. Airlines offer the around-the-world ticket option to tour Europe, there are extensive railway networks built across Europe to ease connection from one major EU city to another, there are several ship networks that take passengers by the sea, and lastly, the European bus or traveler services.  

Before we proceed further let’s see what data is indicating for travel in Europe post covid…

Travel Statistics

The world travel and tourism indicator indicates Europe is the global leader in international tourists worldwide and accounts for 2/3rd of travelers worldwide. Europe in 2019 witnessed a peak of 745 million international travelers, and then covid hit us.

So as the world is recovering back, Europe is recovering back too, and so do travel and tourism. Post covid, there is a trend of revenge travel as people are making up for lost time during the pandemic. Despite high plane ticket prices, international travel is surging as most countries have loosened up covid-19 restrictions and reopened borders. Another important statistic is the GDP and economy. Travel and tourism and its related sectors make up a 10% share of the EU GDP and over 2 million businesses, mainly small and medium-scale enterprises, depend on tourism to function.

From the looks of it, we can see how important the travel and tourism industry is for Europe and the numbers indicate travel is reviving fastly, though still lagging by 40 percent from the pre-pandemic level.

Now we know how big Europe’s travel and tourism industry is, its importance to the GDP, its both pre-covid and post-covid dynamics, and people’s love for Europe. So then let’s move on to the ways to roam around Europe.

1. Take a Bus Tour- Probably the cheapest way to roam around Europe but not more than 12 hours on a bus, this mode of travel is for only medium distances and anything more than 12 hours on a bus is tiring and exhausting. Flixbus and Regiojet are two cheap bus service providers and quite popular ones as well. Then there are Globus, Odysseys Unlimited, Abercrombie & Kent, Omega Tours, Insight Vacations, etc. The selection is quite vast as you will find varied bus ranges in terms of luxury, comfort, prices, cities covered and days spanned. Pro-tip is to accommodate yourself on overnight buses and in this way, there are big savings on your night’s stay, and most of the commute you’re addressing asleep so covering 12 hours on a bus will be no big deal.

2. Catch a Train- What’s not better than touring the whole of Europe by train? You will cover quite a lot of cities and scenery, tour around in comfort, you can walk and stretch your body as much as you like. The only implication with this mode of travel, is you have to be punctual.

Europe has an extensive network of railways, connecting cities and boundaries within Europe, plus it is fast except for flying.Purchase yourself a Euro rail ticket (non-European residents) or interrail (European residents)ticket and roam cities around Europe. The multi-city train trip ensures coverage of all highlights and accolades Europe is famous for.

3. Plane Ride- Flying to Europe is the easiest and fastest way around Europe along with lots of comfort and ease of access. The most significant aspect of this mode is more flexibility and lesser changing and chopping. For instance, you have to skip past a place or invest less time in a city because you’re running late and you will miss your bus tour but with the flight, you have time as well as flexibility. Airlines offer a number of cards upfront to really savor these kinds of trips. You have a trotter ticket option in which you can visit several cities, and a connector flight to connect you to more than one city.

More so, airlines of all kinds fly, from elite carrier operators (Lufthansa airlines, Air FranceKLM, Rynair, Turkish airlines) to cheap operators (AirBaltic, Wizz Air, Aer Lingus). Europe especially has heaps of budgeted airlines and can cover your Europe ride fairly. So, you might have to pay extra for baggage or manage your luggage accordingly.

4. Car or Camper – This option gives travelers an unlimited amount of freedom as in this case you are steering the wheel, you can steer in any direction you wish, at whatever speed, and you can choose how much time to spend on roads, and you can give more time on rural side travel. The good thing about hiring a car or camper is that it will offer tons of space to carry luggage and doesn’t need advance reservations, you can book right away in a little time. Just take care of your license validity in different countries, traffic rules, what lane you should be driving, and your insurance waiver.

5. Sea passage – Lastly, the sea option to tour Europe and its countries. You will be meandering around a mainland river in this journey of yours and make pre-planned stoppages at regular intervals to those cities given in your travel itinerary.


The present world differs totally from the one we have left. Synergies, technology, and cultural diversities are the themes of this period. People love to travel, explore, interact, and unearth different cultures. They are leaving footprints on the world and unearthing it by touring across the world using air, water, road, and railways transport.  

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